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November 2011

My trip India was a real lovely one. I enjoyed it so much. Hope I get the chance one day to visit the other interesting parts of India like Cashmere, Kerla, & others. I went there with my best friend. Regarding the places we visited: Delhi was beautiful. The masjed, governmental uildings & the palace were very interesting. We used to hang out in the market in evening. I enjoyed walking around the bazaars & bought good quality scarves. Agra: Taj Mahal & Agra Fort were really fascinating, but the city itself looks like it needs a lot of development. Jaipur: beautiful, enjoyable, & very tourist friendly. Amritsar: The Golden Temple was a unique experience. I visited it in the morning & at night...totally different in both timings. It was like a day in another world...a new fantasy world!! I really had fun!